The ducal Famile, painting by J. H. Tischbein the older, 1762. The painting shows the ducal family in the park at Salzdahlum. All 9 kids are shown in the painting.
Duke Carl I and the Duchess Philippine Charlotte could be seen in the center. Duke Carl in the red uniform. Besides the duke stands the heriditary prince Carl Wilhelm Ferdinand. Behind them the son Albrecht Heinrich who was killed in action in 1761 at age 19. Behind the hereditary prince Sophie Karoline Marie and besides her Friedrich August. On horseback we see the youngest son Leopold in the uniform of the Brunswick Hussars. To the right of the Duchess we see Anna Amalia and beside here the youngest daughter Auguste Dorothea. In the green dress on the right Elisabeth Christine Ulrike and Wilhelm Adolf.

From the left to right
Leopold 1752 - 1785
Friedrich August 1740 - 1805
Sophie Karoline Marie 1737 - 1817
Carl Wilhelm Ferdinand 1735 - 1806, mortally wounded at the battle of Jena - Auerstedt
Duke Carl I 1713 - 1780
Philippine Charlotte 1716 - 1801
Anna Amalia 1739 - 1807
Auguste Dorothea 1749 - 1810
Elisabeth Christine Ulrike 1746 - 1840
Wilhelm Adolf 1745 - 1770