Infantry Regiment Moellendorf, No. 25

The unit is heavily involved in promoting local historical sights and local history.
Like all re-enactment units new members are always welcome. Please contact:
Peter Handwerg
Erfurter Str. 39
99195 Erfurt-Mittelhausen
Tel. (0361) 745 - 7655
e-mail:See below.

Mr. Handwerg also manufactures tin-figurines, badges (any Time-period), cartridge box-plates and many other items mostly in the electro-forming field.
If you are looking for any item in that range, please contact him.
You don't have to be satisfied with cheap Asian imports; here you still get top quality.
Nothing is impossible.
The work he is doing is excellent.

The items shown are only a small example of his work.
Any questions will be answered.

Grenade for Cartridgebox, Prussia

French Grenade for Cartridgebox

Badge for Lancer's

Badge Imperial Prussia for Train employees

Cartridgebox-Plate, Gurads, Prussia

Prussian Escutchion-plate

Brunswick Gorget.
Sorry the pic is not very good. The gorget is just excellent.