To the many people in North-America who trace their ancestry back to the German troops defending Canada the city of Sorel-Tracy is a very important place. Because it is here that the only building constructed by the defenders of Canada still stands today.

It is the only building left in the world commemorating there deeds. It would be a perfect meeting place for all the ancestors of these men to get together once a year. Sure it is just a dream, but sometimes dreams come through. The building was constructed in 1781 as a dwelling for General Riedesel the commander of the German troop in Canada and his family. The house serving as living quarters and headquarter for the troops. It was here that the first Christmas tree in North-America was lid.

After the return of the troops to Germany, (many of the troops chose to stay in Canada. In doing so they contributed immensely on the further development of Quebec and Canada. It was these men who brought to Quebec. There knowledge (trades and in the medical field) a knowledge very much needed in their new country. In 1783 they represented 4% of the male population of Quebec. These achievements are almost forgotten today.) it was quiet in the old building. No more music or playing children anymore.

In the middle of the 19th Century the house was used by the Duke of Kent.

Today the building is the cornerstone of the cultural life in Sorel-Tracy. It houses art displays on the bottom floor. A very important aspect of the cultural life of the city. The top floor houses a collection of old furniture which have nothing to do with the history of the building.

From many people who visited the city of Sorel-Tracy we received feed-backs. The only negative comments were about the luck of any information dealing with the time period of 1776 1783, especially visitors who came to see if there is any information about there ancestors. Hopefully that could be improved in the future. I think steps in that direction are already made. I would like to re-comment to all visitors of the city to visit the following organization.

Societe historique Pierre-de-Saurel
6A, rue Saint-Pierre
Sorel-Tracy (Quebec)
J3P 3S2
Telephone : 450-780-5739
Telecopieur (fax) : 450-780-5743
Courriel :

Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00.

Without question the dedicated members of the society doing a great job to keep history alive in the city. The archive is a great access to the city, region and the province of Quebec. Please visit the society when you are in town.