Top Luetzeroda and Zieskauer TalView 
from Dornberg to the Windknollen 

Cospeda is located 3 km to the north-west of Jena on a plateau over the Saale River. The village was the seat of the Cossibode, Kossbode or Kossweda family. They sold the property and village to the cloister in Jena in 1359. In 1259 and 1311 the village is mentioned as Cosbode. In 1346 as Cossebode and in 1448 as Cosebode.

The original part of the protestant church dates back to the end of the 12.Century. Parts of the early building were integrated into he new church built in 1699. The church bell dates back to the 15. Century.

The small museum in the village should be visited to get a good picture of the battle.

Here in Cospeda the battle of Jena begun. In the top picture we see in front the village of Cospeda and in the background Lützeroda. Between Lützeroda and Cospeda we could see the Ziskauer Tal (Ziskauer Valley). The French advanced in the direction just past Lützeroda. The Prussian General Tauentzien had drawn up his troops between Lützeroda and Closewitz. His 8000 men were formed in a line 3000 meters long. Napoleon had 20,000 soldiers of Lannes corps up on the plateau. The battle started at around 6 o’clock in he morning. Because of the heavy fog both sides did not know the strength of each other. The French over-estimated the strength of Tauentzien’s troops. For two hours both sides fired at each other without seeing each other. To make matters worse for the Prussians Tauentzien’s orders were to avoid a major engagement. He only engaged when he was attacked by the French. With clear orders and more troops a his disposal he could have tried to dislodge the French from there position. He could have defended the approaches onto the plateau. By 8 o’clock the fog begun to lift and Napoleon could see that he outnumbered the troops of Prussian general Tauentzien. He ordered the advance of his troops. Tauentzien defended his position but the increasing pressure forced him soon out of his position and he formed a new line across the Dornberg. Here his troops were involved in another standing fire-fight. By 9 o’clock he received orders from Hohenlohe to move back o the village of Kleinromstedt. The first part of the battle was over.

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