Village of Hassenhausen
Hassenhausen, a small village not far away from Apolda and Jena, played 200 years ago an important role in the future of Europe. It was here and at Vierzehnheiligen that the old Prussian state died.

On October 14, 1806 Hassenhausen lay in the center of the battle between Prussia and France. We all know the out-come and eventually a more united Europe emerged. On this memorable foggy October-day the fighting raged all around the village. French troops were able to occupy the village and desperate Prussian attacks tried to push the French back. Just outside of the village the Prussian commander the Duke of Brunswick was mortally wounded.
A monument marks the spot today. It was here that the Prussian infantry regiments "von Wartensleben", "Moellendorf" and the II. Batl. "Herzog von Braunschweig" advanced against the village.
To commemorate the suffering of so many a small museum was opened in the village. Located in the old living quarters of the pastor the collection is worth seeing. Mr. Robert Heyne loaned many of the artifacts on display to the museum. Many thanks must also go to Mr. Gerd Biegel the director of the Brunswick museum, who is supporting the museum here in Hassenhausen. Some important pieces on display are from the collection of the museum in Brunswick.

The Brunswick museum thanks to Mr. Biegel, is one of the few large museums in the world that is willing to loan a small museum some artifacts from the museums large collection. With money for the museum hard to come by, the local people and historic association try there best to support the museum with the goal to remember history.
The address of the museum is

Verein Gedenkstätte Hassenhausen 1806 e.V.

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