Located close to the battlefield of Jena-Auerstedt is the old village of Liebstedt. Here a very rare type of castle survived and could be still visited. The castle is without question a place to be visited. The people of the village and the people running the museum would love to see you as a visitor. The castle and museum is one of the jewels only known to the local people. We like to show you here a little bit more about this very important building.

For the first time the village is mentioned in the year 876. The old trade route, known as Kufperstrasse (Copper Road) connecting Venice in Italy with Hamburg run right through the village. In the 12th and 13th Century the powerful Knights of Liebstedt were in charge of the village and the nearby villages of Wohlsborn and Goldbach. After the last knight of Liebstedt died without successor the fief was than given in 1381 by the landgrave of Thuringia to the order of the German templars. The order here for the next 480 years used Liebstedt as a base for the order. In 1809 the order was disbanded by Napoleon and the belongings fell to Saxony. After the Vienna Congress in 1805 the land fell to the Duchy of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach. With the foundation of Thuringia the land was given to the new state. After 1946 the land changed ownership and fell to the university of Leipzig. After 1990 a foundation was founded with the goal to restore the castle and to use it as a museum.

When the order of the German Knights started the construction work in Liebstedt they introduced the construction with bricks. This method is very commen in Brandenburg and also on the Baltic coast were the knights constructed many of there castles. The castle in Liebstedt is one of the few castles left were the old trading route, the Kupferstrasse passed right through the castle. The castle was constructed with a triple moats system and earth-walls around it. It was a combination of wet and dry moats. A system unique to the castle in Liebstedt. Today the lines of fortifications could be still seen around the castle. Years ago the system also surrounded the village. The castle could be only reached over two drawbridges. Over the years the moat system fell into dis-repair and in the 90's the moat was partly restored.

The castle houses different displays and is one of the few places with a museums workshop. The workshop produces models and figurine and also produces special items to order. The castle is worth seeing and I recommend a visit.
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