Connecting to the World

Connecting to the World


The main site of the Cospeda museum and the battle. In German only. If you need any information please send me an e-mail and I will try to help.

The village of Cospeda, Information

The city of Apolda

The city of Erfurt

The city of Saalfeld

The village of Kapellendorf

The village of Auerstedt

The museum at Hassenhausen

The city of Bad Sulza


The village of Kapellendorf

The village of Liebstedt and the castle of the Teutonic Knights

The village of Krippendorf

The village of Vierzehnheiligen

Please visit the web-site of our Lieutenant, Dr. Baker.

The Best Site about Brunswick

Brunswick City Information

City of Wolfenbuettel Information

Library of the Brunswick Tech. University

Genealogy Lnks Pages

Cyndi`s List, Books and other material on the subject