Official mentioned for the first time was Krippendorf in 1181 in a document signed by Emperor Friedrich I. Historians think that the village was founded much earlier by the franks.

Krippendorf is know in history because of the battle fought here between Prussia and Napoleon in 1806.

In 1880 a fire destroyed most buildings ion the village. Destroyed or damaged were many farm-houses, the church and the school. The following year in 1881 the village fire-department ws formed. In 1912 electric power came to the village and a sewage system was constructed. Since 1969 the village of Krippendorf and the village of Vierzehnheiligen were amalgenated. In 1994 the village became part of the city of Jena

The church
The church in Krippendorf was originally constructed in the romanic style. The building is made up of the long-house a square choir tower and the choir. The top part of the tower is constructed in a eight-cornered shape with a roof and a lantern on top. In the gothic time period the choir was re--constructed and only small parts of the orginal choir survived.   The choir windows are arranged in the shape of a clover-leaf.  Re-construction on the church were undertaken in the 18th and 19th Century.  The inside of the church is simple bad worth seeing. In the lower part of the choir tower parts of the old paintings of done around 1500 survived.

Located just to the north of Krippendorf on the path to Hermstedt stood  the historical wind-mill which was destroyed in the spring of 2007 by the hurrican kyrill. Efforts are made to have the wind-mill re-constructed this  year. The wind-mill was constructed between 1738 and 1742 by the four villages of the area. In 1860 the mill was badly damaged in a fire but re- constructed with parts of the mill from Grossbockedraer. Already in 1928  the wind-mill was classified as a historical monument. In 1976 the mill's  working days were over. Followed in the following year by an extensive  restauration. The re-construction of the mill was made possible by donations from local companies and the people of the area.

Europe Way
Just to the north of 
Krippendorf, between Vierzehnheiligen and the wind-mill runs the so-called Europe Way. Planted on this pathway between 2003 and 2006 were many cherry-trees, all doneted by companies and the people of the area.